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Welcome to Smart…but Clueless about Money!

Are you someone at the top of your game professionally, but you lack time or interest in the details of money management? Do you feel like that there is more that you could be doing with your money? Are you suffering from information overload from the media? This blog is designed to help you focus […]

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Should You Participate in Your Company’s ESPP?

You work at a publicly traded company and are wondering whether you should enroll in the employee stock purchase plan (ESPP).  A fifteen percent discount on company stock is a good deal.  Is it the best way to use your money?  This post will help you make that decision.  What is an ESPP? This company […]

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Exercising employee stock options

Should you exercise your employee stock options when you leave a private company?

When you leave your job, you usually have ninety days from the date of termination to exercise vested stock options.  The decision to exercise can be difficult when your company is private and you are not sure of its future.  How do you make that decision?  This blog post will help you weigh the pros […]

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How to Be a Better Investor by Understanding the Familiarity Bias

Did you know that individual investors tend to do worse than the overall stock market?  A big reason for this is that all of us have behavioral biases that can affect our ability to act objectively when it comes to trading.  As Benjamin Graham (author of “The Intelligent Investor”) notes: “The investor’s chief problem – […]

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The Basics of Employee Stock Options

How to Benefit from Your Employee Stock Options from Laura Tanner, Ph.D., CFP(R) Slideshare presentation – the basics of employee stock options

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Do You Need a Revocable Trust? Tips to Help You Decide

You’ve heard the words “probate” and “living trust”and know that they have something to do with estate planning.  You want to ensure that your wishes are carried out and that your family is taken care of.  How do you begin the estate planning process with this array of confusing terms?  This post will help you […]

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Your Plan for Retirement – One Factor You May be Overlooking

How are you feeling about your retirement savings?  Your perception of the value of your accounts might be off.  Have you thought about the effect of inflation on the future value of those funds?  This post will help you understand the implications of inflation, with some suggestions on how to factor that into your plans […]

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A Lesson From Goldilocks on Withholding from Your Paycheck – Not Too Much, Not Too Little, Just the Right Amount

Are you confused by how much to withhold from your paycheck for income taxes?  You want a reasonably accurate estimate so that you reduce the possibility for tax penalties and maximize your take-home pay.  What follows are the basics with some tips to help you check and adjust your withholding if necessary. What is Withholding? […]

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Top Website – Calculators to Help You With Financial Choices

Making financial decisions can be complicated.  Don’t you wish there was a way to simplify the process?  The website has a number of calculators that will take the guesswork out of those decisions.  Of course, most choices aren’t purely based on money.  It’s up to you to weigh the numbers in the context of your […]

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How to Manage Your Taxes Like the Rich – Your 401(k) Plan as a Tax Shelter

You don’t have to resort to an offshore bank account to reduce your tax liability.  Did you know that your work retirement plan is one of the simplest and most common tax shelters for your money?  In addition, you may be able to contribute funds to a retirement fund set up outside of work.  This […]

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Dream house

Home Sweet Home – Should You Buy or Rent?

You have saved enough money for a down payment for a house and know that you can afford to buy.  Is this the best use of your money?  In addition to looking at the hard numbers, you need to examine your feelings about home ownership.  There are plenty of online “rent vs buy” calculators.  What […]

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